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Matt is a passionate driven User Experience Designer hailing from England with meticulous attention to detail.

Believing in the story behind the brand is as much essential to the end product as the design is important to its appearance.

Privileged to work with brands such as Nike, RedBull, Google & Spotify, Matt has been able to grow surrounded with the influence of powerful brands. His work has been published around the World in highly acclaimed press such as .net Magazine and recognised by Awwwards amongst others.

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Responsive Front-End (Gaming) Framework

Over the last few months i’ve been making the switch from Mark Otto’s Twitter Bootstrap to Susy‘s grid framework. Consequently that meant i had a grid but no UI, and thus realised i’d become fairly reliant on Bootstrap. But the real reason i made the switch wasn’t because i woke up one day and thought “F*%k it”,  it… Keep Reading

The Storm is coming

So i’ve been working on Storm for the last 9 months or so,  it’s a really exciting company to be a part of and i’m super excited to say we’ve launched under the table at and  Storm is a search engine that allows its users to select a charity they support and in turn… Keep Reading

New Job, New Location

Sometimes I think it’s impossible for me to keep my feet on the ground. I’m now working for a new company based in Jersey in the Channel Islands. I’m into my second week here now and after suffering from flu shortly after arriving i’m finally able to start enjoying my new home. The title of… Keep Reading

My new website

So it’s been more than a long time since i updated my website, usually it’s because by the time i finish designing a website for myself i’m never quite satisfied with the end result. Alas! I’ve create this simple page and it serves a purpose (for now). I plan to post some regular updates as… Keep Reading